What to Expect During your Crossinology Brain Integration Session

So, you’re thinking about brain integration for your child but you don’t know what to expect? Here’s a rundown of what a complete session covers:

Pre-Assessment (1-2 hours)

During the pre-assessment, we check several neural pathways to see what will need to be addressed during the brain integration. This will mostly involve your child laying down on the table, but also includes balancing on one foot, marching, observing eye functions, and assessing memory and reading ability. The pre-assessment should give us a pretty good idea of how long your child’s brain integration will take.

Brain Integration (2-4 hours)

Here, we’ll go back and correct any issues that were found during the pre-assessment, and will also check other areas that weren’t already assessed. This includes correcting Deep Level Switching, reconnecting pathways in the corpus callosum and the Limbic System (the emotional processing center of the brain,) and checking the auditory processing centers of the brain.

Learning Corrections (3-4 hours)

The corrections completed during the Brain Integration addressed most of the issues that cause learning disabilities. Now, it’s time to fine-tune the brain to specific things. During this time, your child will do tasks such as reading, math, memory testing, and different types of puzzles. If there are still issues that are present, they can be taken care of individually.

Emotions and Negative Attitudes (2 hours)

As humans, we develop opinions quickly. If a child goes to school and is miserable because he/she can’t understand what is being taught, it usually results in the child hating and resenting school. Even though we’ve corrected the neural malfunction causing the learning disability, those negative attitudes and emotions still remain. This final step of the brain integration is directed at clearing those so that your child can learn how to enjoy learning. Emotional clearing is effective on a wide variety of subjects such as homework, teachers, other students, family members and about any other person, place, thing, or idea.

If there’s something here that you’d like to discuss more, feel free to get in touch with me here.