Learning Disabilities - Are Both Sides of My Child's Brain Working Together? Crossinology Brain Integration

I have a confession to make - I like Star Trek. Always have. The two characters who really made it take off was none other than Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock. How did Kirk and Spock work so well together, even though they were two opposite sides of one coin? Spock was logical, without emotion, and by-the-book. Kirk was a loose cannon, followed his gut instinct, and thought outside-of-the-box. Even so, they became best friends and always beat the odds before the end of the episode.

You brain has two sides as well. With some exceptions*, the left hemisphere of your brain is like that pointy-eared, green-blooded Vulcan - processing logic and dealing with concrete facts such as science and mathematics. The right hemisphere is more of a Kirk - focused on creativity, intuition, emotion, and ideas. These areas are respectfully labeled as the Logic and Gestalt hemispheres of the brain.

One thing I should clarify is that these hemispheres are dominant in a specific function, but not exclusive. Both sides can perform Logic and Gestalt tasks. Many tasks require that both sides integrate different data to work together. For example, when you read a book, the Logic area of your brain is busy with processing the letters into words and sentences which provide relevant information while the Gestalt side of your brain helps you to visualize the story and connect the appropriate emotions to what is happening. These contrasting processing methods of the brain work together to make a complete and complementary result, just like Kirk and Spock.

Now, what the heck does this have to do with a learning disability? Everything, actually. All learning disabilities result from a lack of access to one or more of these areas in the brain, or the brain’s inability to integrate the two together. Do you have a child that absolutely loves to draw, but just can’t grasp the concept of fractions? It’s likely that the Logic hemisphere isn’t able to make the connections it needs to function.

Crossinology Brain Integration can correct those pathways that are malfunctioning so that all areas in the brain are working together. In as little as 8 to 12 hours, your child can start to fully understand the world around him or her, and begin to enjoy learning. Find out more of what Brain Integration can do by clicking here.

*In some cases, the left and right hemispheres are transposed, meaning that the Logic functions are in the right hemisphere and the Gestalt functions are in the left. Transposed hemispheres are found in people who are left-handed and also a small percentage of right-handed individuals.