Are you ready to get started? Great! Here are a few things to know about your session:

  • Your session will take eight to twelve hours on average covering one to two days. It can also be broken down into smaller sessions if needed.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water the day before and morning of your session. Being well hydrated will improve how your body and muscles respond.
  • Dress comfortably. While you will be laying on your back for most of the session, there are times when you will be completing tasks such as balancing on one foot, walking a line, and jumping jacks.  
  • If your session is scheduled for more than four hours, we'll make sure to do a lunch break. You can do lunch at a restaurant, or a microwave and refrigerator are available if you'd like to bring your own food.
  • A parent or guardian will need to accompany children and teenagers the entire scheduled time of their session. Feel free to bring a book, an iPad, or anything that might help you to pass the time. 
  • Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours or that are not kept will be subject to cancellation fee valued at ten percent of the regular price of a session. 
  • The Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is not covered by health insurance, but a Health Savings Account can be used as payment in most cases. Please check with your HSA plan provider for more information.
  • Payment by check or cash is preferred, but credit/debit cards can be accommodated if needed. 

Once your appointment is set, please fill out the following documents as best you can and return to us as soon as possible:

Behavior Checklist

Medical Questionnaire

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